BPCOAT-OG Series are formulated for critical substrates especially for application to casting aluminum and galvanizing-steel substrates. The pinholing on such coated substrates has been identified as the most serious problem associated with coating integrity.Since,it reduce its long term durability, particularly in aggressive (marine) environments.

The main theory as to why pinholes form is due to air being entrapped during the curing process. This series gives more time for the entrained gas to escape from the molten film, which helps in minimizing the formation of bubbles in the coating surface caused by gas or moisture released from porous substrate during cure.

Chemical Structure: Powder coating based on polyester (TGIC), polyester (PRIMID-HAA), hybrid(epoxy-polyester), polyurethane and pure epoxy are available. And no restriction in color.
Product Applications: Aluminum profiles and sheets, Doors, Window frames, Furniture Steel or galvanized steel, Hot-dip galvanized workpieces, Cast parts.

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