BPCOAT-AG SERIES (Anti Graffiti)

BPCOAT-AG Series are thermosetting polyurethane based powder coating used for protection of surfaces against graffiti.Graffiti is a kind of vandalism using materials such as spray paints, permanent markers and dyes that damaging surface properties which can be very costly to clean. Repeated cleanings of graffities from surfaces can result in considerable long-term damage to the substrate. For that reason, anti-graffiti applications on surfaces has become extremely important.

This series can be used for the reduction of maintenance costs that result from graffiti by easily cleaning of most kind of graffiti. Thereby, we ensure the appearance of powder coated surfaces are maintained even after numerous cleaning cycles.

Chemical Structure: Polyurethane
Product Applications: Transportation components (train, bus and stops), Phone boxes, Advertising boards, Road sign panels, Playground equipments.

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