BPC Boyasan Powder Coating

BPC Boyasan, founded in 1969 in Kayseri, has taken its place in the coating market through 45 years of its business. Our goal is to provide quality powder coating products and services in the most efficient and responsible manner for our customers’ demands.


We have just one key business: thermoset powder coating. We has focused on advancing innovations in order to provide better options for our customers.

With a focus on quality, efficiency and reliability, we help you meet your demands by following new approaches in powder coating.

We always renew and develop our products. Our purpose is to offer not only quality products but also solutions for various markets.

BPC Boyasan is one of the leading companies in its field with its more than 50 employees working for direct and fast access to customers throughout Turkey.


We have always focused on the research and development for the various needs of the market demands and trends. We are always adding new products and solutions in accordance to give the fastest response to our customers needs.

And today, BPC powder coating satisfies wide range of color needs from RAL to any tailor-made color from Mat finish to Glossy with high quality standards, eco-friendly, short delivery times and excellent customer service. We strongly believe in the value of harmony between quality and appearance. And we show this in our each product.


We know that we must always be innovative for capability to produce new products and meet all demands of our customers. Our laboratory is equipped with all the necessary testing technology and equipments for powder coating.

Our creative, energetic research teams are are focused on R&D activities:

  • Designing effective solutions for production
  • Developing new products to meet target market needs
  • Finding solutions to technical service


  • Sales
  • Application & Training
  • Technical Service


  • Architectural
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture and construction equipments
  • Furniture
  • Steel door
  • Metal house equipments
  • Shelf cupboard
  • Electrical and Electronic equipments
  • Aluminium profile
  • Panel Radiator
  • Water Valve
  • Cap and casserole