Our aim is to provide a dynamic environment and increase performance!

Human life is one of our most fundamental values. Therefore, we are working for increasing the quality of working life of our employees towards achieving high performance.

Our principles:

  • Providing training and self-improvement opportunities to our employees
  • Increasing efficiency of our employees  to the highest point by means of career planing
  • Creating equal opportunities for our employees
  • For our employees, carrying out a policy in which there is an open management
  • Regarding the protection of our workers’ physical and moral rights

We believe that company and personal success is the result of professionalism, problem solving skills and positive teamwork. So we as BPC BOYASAN make our employees to work in a dynamic environment with real professional opportunities.


We are a team, Join Us!

We as a team whose members are talented, passionate, devoted and visionary believe that we will grow with work sharing.