BPCOAT-CC SERIES (Conductive Powder Coating-ESD)

BPCOAT-CC Series are thermoset powder coatings that can be used where sensitive electronic equipment must be protected from electrostatic discharge. The conductive coating will dissipate static charge occurring onto the surface. This will protect electronic components much more safe during usage.

What is ESD and Which materials are suitable for dissipating static electricity?

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the transfer of an electrostatic charge between two objects with different numbers of electrons. This exchange of electrons creates a large electromagnetic field buildup. It can be very damaging to electronic devices which are sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Grounding is essential for blocking ESD. Everything in a work area should be connected to a grounding system.

Materials which are conductive like steel surfaces can not be used as a static-safe surface. Because a sudden and rapid discharge is much more damaging to the electronic devices. Static dissipative materials are used for discharging static charge to ground slowly.

Recommended surface resistivity between 105 to109 ohms/sq.

Chemical Structure: Various chemistry types can be produced
Product Applications: Electronic enclosures and cabinets, computer workstations, work benches and shelving.

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